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Book Review: Al Pacino- The Movies Behind The Man by Mark Searby

The resident film critic on Anglian Radio Station, and an experienced writer for various outlets, Mark Searby is a man who loves cinema. This is his first book, and he asked me to read this work and share an honest review of it with you. Al Pacino is a man whose filmography takes in various… Continue reading Book Review: Al Pacino- The Movies Behind The Man by Mark Searby

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Review Of Books: November

Coming up to Christmas, and with long dark days drawing in, there's even more of a good excuse to curl up with a good book... The Witch of Little Italy, by Suzanne Palmieri Genre: Fantasy/Drama Logline: When artist Eleanor finds out she's pregnant to her abusive college boyfriend, her distant mother refuses to help her,… Continue reading Review Of Books: November

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Review Of Books: August

The Gormenghast Trilogy by Mervyn PeakeGenre: Gothic FictionLogline: The sprawling, maze-like castle Gormenghast hulks over the tradition bound lives of it's occupants, as the new heir, Titus Groan, is born, and the ambitious Steerpike plots his way out of working in the kitchens and into everyone's lives.¬†Oh man, these books feel long. I mean, the… Continue reading Review Of Books: August

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July’s Review of Books.

I actually got through a load of books this month, so read on if you're looking for something to read, or what to avoid reading perhaps... (Thought I'd add some pictures this time) Why review books on a blog about films? Because the best directors, writers and film makers read widely, always on the look… Continue reading July’s Review of Books.

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Review of Books: May

The King in Yellow,¬†Robert W ChambersGenre: Short stories/ FantasyLogline: Dark tales of the weird and supernatural, often centering around a play which, when read, drives people mad, published in 1895.Robert Chambers is sighted as the oft overlooked predecessor and inspiration behind HP Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe. He published this delicious little book, but found… Continue reading Review of Books: May