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Tea And Scandal Podcast.

The Damien Riley Podcast

Damien Riley is part of Talking Stars, and has created a spin off movie talk and review podcast, which is really fun.

Pop Art with Howard Casner

This podcast compares one popular film with one from the classic or arthouse genre.

Movies On Weekends

This movie review and news site is one that I regularly write for. In a new podcast series, and the first ever episode, Sarah Cook and I did a post film reaction.

The Film Connection

Each set of 5 episodes are dedicated to a director, screenwriter, studio or theme, ranging from Studio Ghibli, to Billy Wilder and Bill Murray. It focuses on diving into the masters of cinema and their work.

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Cinema Bushido

Part of, and is a fun and relaxed chat about 80’s action, martial arts movies and more. You can find them HERE.

Atlantic Screen Connection

A film criticism show presented by Big Picture Reviews’ editor-in-chief Lee Brady and seasoned filmmaker and Film Faculty essayist Jason Michael. It’s a UK Blog Awards 2017 Finalist. Looks at classic and new films. Find them HERE.

Talking Stars Podcast

Darren Lucas and Damien Riley host this longer podcast of film discussion, with guest stars. You can find their website HERE.