Movie Watch Lists

Every year I set myself a watch list, usually with a theme or the idea of watching classic films that I’ve never seen before (but really should have!) or watching a whole franchise of films to create an overview.  If you want to check out those lists, and what’s on them, or watch along with me, click the links below to the appropriate pages.

105 Must Watch Films For 2016

Classic Movie Of The Week 2017

Classic Movie Of The Week 2018

Classic Movie Of The Week 2019

Other Movie Lists

I also have a growing list of horror franchise posts, you might like to look at those by clicking the link below.

List Of Horror Franchises

If you’re interested in Australian cinema, this is a list of classic Australian films I’ll be watching and talking about this year.

Classic Australian Film Watchlist

And also, just because, in early 2019, we had Dolly Parton month.

Dolly Parton Movie Watchlist