Classic Movie Of The Week 2017

Classic Movie Of The Week: Point Blank (1967)

Starring: Lee Marvin, Angie Dickinson, Keenan Wynn Director: John Boorman Walker (Marvin) has brought of a heist to help a friend who owes money, but when the take is less than expected, his best friend shoots him, taking off with his wife and the money, leaving him for dead. But Walker is not dead. He… Continue reading Classic Movie Of The Week: Point Blank (1967)


Preview: Allied (2016)

Starring: Brad Pitt, Marion Cotillard Director: Robert Zemeckis Part thriller, part romance, this film is the story of Max Vatan (Pitt), a Canadian Intelligence officer, and Marianne Beausejour (Cotillard), a beautiful French Resistance fighter, who meet during an assassination mission in Casablanca in 1942. Strangers playing the role of a married couple, they find themselves… Continue reading Preview: Allied (2016)