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Hallowe’en Flicks: The Craft (1996)

Starring: Fairuza Balk, Robin Tunney, Neve Campbell, Rachel True

Director: Andrew Fleming

Sarah (Tunney) isn’t sure she will fit in at her new school, but when she falls in with three oucasts she might have found where she belongs. Because Sarah has a secret: she can do magic. And these girls love to do magic too. But soon Nancy, Bonnie and Michelle are not just brewing up harmless spells, they’re also out to get anyone who crosses them. Inclluding Sarah.

“We are the weirdos, mister.” From the totally 90’s oufits to the totally 90’s cast, including scream queen Neve Campbell, this film is a cult classic. With it’s teen witch themes it’s perfect for Halloween watching, and it does deal up some neat scares, though I suppose I have to admit that some of the effects are a bit dated. That never bothers me though. I love the whole aesthetic of the film. The fashion, the music, the way the girls start out liking each other and then turn on each other. There’s a sense of fun here, of girls finding themselves and their personal power as well as not knowing how to handle that power. I like that the film doesn’t make the mistake of making witchs satan worshippers, but more like Wiccan’s or other non-Christian religions. I’ve probably seen this film a few too many times to see it objectively, but I really enjoy watching it and it’s scares and themes are perfect for Samhain…. I mean, Hallowe’en. There are rumours of a sequel or remake in the works too.

Scale Of Scary: 7/10 What’s scarier than teenage mean girls with too much power?


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