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Hallowe’en Flicks: Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

Starring: Mia Farrow, John Cassavetes, Ruth Gordon

Director: Roman Polanski

When Rosemary (Farrow) moves into a new apartment with her ambitious actor husband Guy (Cassavetes) things are a bit strange, including their odd neighbours, but Guy brushes aside her concerns. But when Rosemary finds herself mysteriously pregnant, she starts to get very concerned about the goings on and paranoid about the safety of her unborn child.

So Hallowe’en movies are often about jumpscares, body counts and monsters, but if you want a film that’s really chilling this one will get under your skin. It’s a horror classic because it builds, it’s weird and eerie and has such a great ending. It does have some straight up creepy scenes but it’s more about the emotional punch. Is Rosemary crazy? What’s with those overly interested neighbours with their tanis root and health shakes? Why doesn’t her husband listen to her? Who is really in on it all? Mia Farrow’s natural gentleness and vulnerability make her perfect for the role. It’s as easy to believe that she’d be pushed around by a dominating husband or that she might be emotionally fragile and paranoid. I love her in this film, but I think everyone around her is amazing too. It’s perhaps Roman Polanski’s best film, and the ending will leave you with shivers down your spine. It’s perfect for Halloween because while many other scary films are large, gruesome and playful in tone, this film makes you feel like it’s grounded in the real world. How well do you really know your neighbours? Or your partner?

Scale of Scary: 9/10 A scary classic that will have you laying wide awake long after the end credits have rolled.


7 thoughts on “Hallowe’en Flicks: Rosemary’s Baby (1968)”

  1. The unease begins right at the start with the music over the opening credits. La la la la la lal (sorry, I couldn’t figure out where to place the commas) – before the story even gets rolling, it sets the idea in your mind that poor Rosemary has got a few roos loose in her top paddock.

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