Film Reviews

Central Intelligence (2016)


Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart

Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber

I guess that a review of this film is pretty straight forward: If you like The Rock and Kevin Hart, and you want to see them in a buddy cop comedy directed by the guy who did Dodgeball, then you’re likely to enjoy this.

Back in High School, awkward fat kid Robbie (Johnson) was mercilessly bullied, and the only person to show him a little kindness and humanity was Calvin (Hart) who was the most popular guy in school. 20 years later, the Central High Reunion is coming up, and Calvin is feeling like he peaked in high school since now he’s an accountant who can’t get a promotion. When Robbie contacts him to go for a drink, Calvin finds that Robbie has changed. He’s a huge, tough guy, but still totally awkward and very sweet.

Or is he? Suddenly, Calvin finds himself drawn into the world of espionage as it turns out that Robbie is now Bob Stone, a CIA rogue operative.

It’s all very silly, and I really enjoyed this film. The Rock switches from hulking to adorable, with his Molly Ringwald references, and Hart is as over sharing and talkative as ever. Perhaps the fact that these two are clearly having such a good time with each other is part of what makes it so fun, and they shine as two very different people who perhaps really need each other. There’s a little bit of heart in this film (no pun intended), which is good, but it’s mostly laughs, and it had me in stitches loads of times.

See It If: you like comedies that star The Rock or Kevin Hart, obviously. Or if you want more than that, see it if you have a class reunion coming up.

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