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The House On Pine Street (2015)


Starring: Emily Goss, Taylor Bottles, Cathy Barnett

Director: Aaron Keeling, Austin Keeling

A wonderful little horror, with some new things to say about hauntings (one of my favourite types of horror films), this story involves a heavily pregnant woman moving away from the city and closer to her domineering mother.

Jennifer (Goss) was unsure whether she wanted a child at all, almost choosing not to keep it, which has left her husband Luke (Bottles) reeling. By moving, he can take on a better job, and they can start over, but Jennifer feels trapped. So when she starts hearing things, Luke doesn’t believe her, thinking it’s a ploy to get them to move back.

What’s great about this film is that you’re unsure who knows what. Since her mother is so awful, and chose the house for them, perhaps she’s hiding something. Her husband definitely wants to stay there, is it because he’s in cahoots with his mother in law, is he choosing to ignore real evidence? Or does he gain something from Jennifer doubting her sanity?

The house is really creepy, and whatever is lurking there is truly scary. But there are no simple answers here. There is no ancient indian burial ground under the house, no one died in it, there were no murders, so what’s really going on?

It’s not a perfect film, there are times when you wonder why Jennifer doesn’t just leave, or why she goes back over and again to the house when a sane person would be half way out of the state by then. Or even why she doesn’t stand up for herself more. But it’s a pretty good story, with some interesting twists. And it delightfully throws suspicion over different people at different times. The neighbours are delightfully weird too. It’s good fun.

See It If: you’ve ever been home alone and swore there was something in the house with you…


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