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Horror Movie Round-Up

After a week of watching horror movies, I thought I’d give you a round up in one post. Let me know if you’ve seen these, or if you end up watching them. I’d love to know what you thought of them too.


The Uninvited (2009) – the oldest horror on this list, and starring Elizabeth Banks as the evil stepmother and Emily Browning as Anna, a fragile girl returning home to her father and sister after her time in a mental hospital. The sisters are very close, and disgusted that their father has married his dead wife’s nurse so soon after her death. Anna soon starts seeing strange, terrifying things that suggest that their mother isn’t at rest and didn’t die of natural causes. Good scares and great plot twists, as well as Banks doing her menacing best. Entertaining.


Jessabelle (2014) – Supernatural horror abounds when a girl must stay with her estranged father to recuperate after an accident, in the southern mansion that her mother died in. She starts to hear and see strange things, and discovers hidden tapes her mothe made for her, reading tarot cards that predict bad things. There’s voodoo and bumps in the night, with genuine chills. Really good!


Visions (2015) – An odd horror starring comedy actors in drama roles that totally works. A couple expecting a child move in to a vineyard, but the expectant mother starts seeing visions of awful, threatening things occuring. And she’s not the only one who’s seen them. Starring Isla Fisher, Jim Parsons and Gillian Jacobs, this film will satisfy your haunted house fans, but also offers a different take. Very entertaining.

the boy

The Boy (2016) – An American girl flees a bad relationship and takes a job as a nanny in a remote house in England. But when she arrives, she finds that her job will be to take care of a creepy doll, because the couples child died under mysterious circumstances years ago. The rules to care for the doll are strict, and soon strange things are happening in the house. Starring Lauren Cohan from Walking Dead, the film has loads of scares and a great twist that I didn’t see coming. Loved it.


Hush (2016) – A deaf writer is home alone in her woodland cabin when a man on a killing spree decides to stop by. It’s a great premise for a film, but it has been done before, and the besieged woman is impossibly stupid. I started to root for the bad guy for a while, but he was just as bad. Awful.


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