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Good Morning Vietnam (1987)


Starring: Robin Williams, Forest Whitaker,

Director: Barry Levinson

Stop me if you’ve seen this one: lovable, fast talking guy played by Robin Williams, with a great sense of humour who just wants to make people laugh falls foul of a conservative authority and is forced out, but not before he’s touched lives and learned some valuable lessons.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a formula that works and when this film came out in 1986, it was still quite a new format, with Williams giving one of his finest performances as a radio DJ who brings laughter to the troops serving in Vietnam. A plot with a local girl who he falls for, and her brother who may be more than he seems keeps the film on a narrative path, but it shines when Williams is allowed to be his hilarious self. At times delightful, others touching, this film has enough drama and comedy to please, and has become a true classic for a reason. The oddball GI bar owner is a high point.

Watch It If: Probably not one to add to your traditional Vietnam/war movie night, this film is a definite crowd pleaser or one for the Robin Williams fans (like me, I love this movie).


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