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Preview: Zoolander 2

Derek and Hansel return from obscurity to undertake a modelling job that will win back an estranged son and uncover a plot that goes all the way to the heights of the fashion world. 

Starring: Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson,  Penelope Cruz

Director: Ben Stiller

A certain person in my life, who often gets a mention in this blog, was asked if he wanted to see Zoolander 2. He replied that he hasn’t really liked the first one: too… Ben Stiller-y. Well, he does direct and star in it, I pointed out. 

Is he going to be in this second one? Yes? Then this certain person was happy to give it a miss. 

Of course, this is the same gentleman who, when informed that Vogue says skinny jeans are out this season, responded “f@*k skinny jeans, and f@*k Vogue magazine”. (I can tell you, it was quite the scandal at the time in our household. You don’t insult 100 year old fashion institutions around here (I’m referring to Vogue, obvs, skinny jeans are appalling))

To come to the point: Zoolander 2 is both very Ben Stiller-y and also about fashion. If you don’t care for either of those things, much of the joy of the thing will be lost on you. 

The fashion world is an hilarious, cutthroat, beautiful place, often consciously so, as the myriad cameos in this film attest. And this film is funny. In broad strokes, but often in subtle shades too. 

I’m some ways, where the first film was ground breaking, it’s sequel is self referential, but it also makes a mockery of the awful hipster movement that we’re currently tolerating, and makes some amusing points about it. It also had me giggling to myself, which is saying something. I’m picky about my comedy. 

Basically, I loved it, which I wasn’t sure that I would. 

See It If: you make a Blue Steel in all your selfies, you are a Vogue subscriber or you like your movies Ben Stiller-y.  


2 thoughts on “Preview: Zoolander 2”

  1. Here’s the thing, I’m not a fan of movies Ben Stiller-y but, against all odds, I loved the first Zoolander! I’m very picky with my comedies, and brainless ones usually annoy me. Zoolander is everything I usually can’t stand yet it’s one of my all time favorites, a movie I’ve watched many times. I know I’m seeing Zoolander 2, I’ve been anxiously waiting since it was announced. 😀

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    1. He’s definitely an acquired taste! I’m picky, like you. Some stuff just isn’t funny! I hope you really enjoy this sequel, I had fun. I loved all the fashion jokes & references.
      Thank you for commenting, too. So nice to engage with people. 👍🏻😊

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