Whirlygig Cinema Spotlight #28: Performance

http://whirlygigcinema.com/news/review-spotlights-performance/ Another month at Whirlygig, this time it was all about Performance, which meant films as diverse as contemporary dance, musicals, and visual poems, as well as documentary style pieces focusing on performers in theatre and music. As usual, the link is above to read the full article which I wrote for Whirlygig on their… Continue reading Whirlygig Cinema Spotlight #28: Performance


Prequels and Sequels and Franchises, OH MY!

“Nobody wants to make any film, ever. I mean, you can assume that every head of every studio would be perfectly happy never to make another film, because making films is dangerous, costs too much money, none of them make sense, there’s absolutely no guarantee that they’re going to work – the best thing is… Continue reading Prequels and Sequels and Franchises, OH MY!


How Writing a Script is Good for Your Health.

I think a lot of people find that writing is a cathartic process. I know I've written about it here before, because this is very true for me. I guess getting your thoughts out onto the page can really help clarify your feelings. But I've come across some talk recently about the way in which… Continue reading How Writing a Script is Good for Your Health.


Whirlygig Cinemas Directors Showcase No. 26: Documentaries

http://whirlygigcinema.com/news/review-spotlights-documentary/ This just out! My coverage of the event at Whirligig Cinema this month for them, as published on their website. This month the focus was on Documentaries, on a variety of subjects from pioneers of Gay Pride to animated re-enactments of a fathers memories of being in a coma. Check it out.

Film Reviews

Film Review: Dead Wood (2007)

Logline: Four friends head out on a camping trip, but when a mysterious girl turns up with a strange story the terror starts. Genre: Horror Directed By: Davis Bryant, Sebastian Smith, Richard Stiles. Starring: Fergus March, Emily Juniper, John Samuel Worsey, Rebecca Craven, Nina Kwok. A few years ago when I was at films school… Continue reading Film Review: Dead Wood (2007)


The New Film Trend For Faith Based Films

When Darren Aronofsky announced his latest project, you'd be forgiven for thinking it would be gripping cerebral drama. Following on the heels of Black Swan or Requiem for a Dream, he decided to make a film called Noah (2014), about the bible story with the ark and the flood (you might have heard of it).… Continue reading The New Film Trend For Faith Based Films


“The Enemy Within”: Short Film Trailer

  “The Enemy Within” is a great short film that I worked on as a First Assistant Director, so here you can see the trailer. Written and directed by the delightful and talented Chris Roberts, and shot by Sashi Kissoon, much Haribo was consumed in the making of this film. Really excited about this  movie… Continue reading “The Enemy Within”: Short Film Trailer