Cinema History

Cinema History: What is Film Noir?

Just to keep things interesting, this week I'm talking about Film Noir. It's a really misunderstood movement in film, so in this video I talk about the history, whether it's a genre or a movement, what you can expect to see in a classic film noir and more. I also end with some recommendations of… Continue reading Cinema History: What is Film Noir?

Film Reviews

Knives Out (2019)

Starring: Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Ana De Armas, Michael Shannon, Jamie Lee Curtis, Don Johnson, Toni Collette, LaKeith Stanfield, Christopher Plummer Director: Rian Johnson When wealthy mystery writer Harlan Thrombey (Plummer) is found with his throat cut after a family gathering, the police investigation is joined by famous eccentric detective Benoit Blanc (Craig). While all… Continue reading Knives Out (2019)

Film Reviews

The Limehouse Golem (2016)

Starring: Bill Nighy, Olivia Cooke, Douglas Boothe Director: Juan Carlos Medina In Victorian London, a woman (Cooke) stands accused of her husband's murder, but the crime may be part of a spate of vicious killings attributed to the killer known as the Limehouse Golem. Can Detective Kildare (Nighy) clear the accused and solve the murders?… Continue reading The Limehouse Golem (2016)

Classic Movie Of The Week 2017

Classic Movie Of The Week: The Thin Man (1934)

Starring: William Powell, Myrna Loy, Maureen O'Sullivan, Nat Pendleton, Minna Gombell Director: WS Van Dyke As sparkling and delicious as champagne, this film was a response to the chemistry and popularity of it's two leads, who had appeared in a film earlier that year to huge success. Here, Myrna Loy and William Powell are a… Continue reading Classic Movie Of The Week: The Thin Man (1934)

Film Reviews

Last Action Hero (1993)

Starring: Austin O'Brien, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Charles Dance, Anthony Quinn Director: John McTiernan I remember getting this film out on VHS when I was a kid from Video Ezy, and then watching it a bunch of times because I loved it. I didn't realise at the time that it had been pitched against Jurassic Park, and… Continue reading Last Action Hero (1993)

105 Must See Films

105 Must See Films: Kiss Me Deadly (1955)

Starring: Ralph Meeker, Albert Dekker, Paul Stewart Director: Robert Aldrich Secret agents, torture, a femme fatale, and a mysterious brief case. This film has it all. In some senses it's a rather hysterical film about the threat of nuclear war, in another it's one of the finest film noir flicks to grace the screen. Either… Continue reading 105 Must See Films: Kiss Me Deadly (1955)

105 Must See Films

105 Must See Films: Klute (1971)

Starring: Jane Fonda, Donald Sutherland Director: Alan J Pakula When a man goes missing, a small town detective gets on the case to track him down, but his only lead is a prostitute in New York. Things soon get complicated as there is more to the case than meets the eye: a possible conspiracy, and… Continue reading 105 Must See Films: Klute (1971)

Film Reviews

The Nice Guys (2016)

Starring: Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling Director: Shane Black Shane Black, back in the day, was the script writer, especially for blockbuster buddy comedies. Lethal Weapon was his huge break out, with sequels and films like the Last Boy Scout and Long Kiss Goodnight following. But Black felt like his films were not always best directed… Continue reading The Nice Guys (2016)