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Biography Of The Month: Orson Welles

As you may know, this year I set the goal of reading one biography per month, and this month goes to Orson Welles, actor, director, writer and wunderkind, 1915 - 1985. The biography is Rosebud by David Thomson.  Where does one even begin to talk about Orson Welles? He's a huge figure on the landscape… Continue reading Biography Of The Month: Orson Welles


News: Procrastination and Show Reels.

I thought I'd procrastinate by writing a nice blog post. I've been commissioned by a friend to write some dialogue for his girlfriend, an actress who is making a move to bigger roles from work as an extra. (I might end up directing it, too. We'll see how it goes)They're looking to make a show… Continue reading News: Procrastination and Show Reels.