News: Procrastination and Show Reels.

I thought I’d procrastinate by writing a nice blog post. I’ve been commissioned by a friend to write some dialogue for his girlfriend, an actress who is making a move to bigger roles from work as an extra. (I might end up directing it, too. We’ll see how it goes)They’re looking to make a show reel to demonstrate her range and ability that she can use as a calling card. My original plan was to write two very short pieces that she could use to show her in two different aspects. 

So far so good. I was thinking it’s a good exercise to write dialogue, and without it being part of a larger plan or arc within a script, I’m free to just write some banter and have fun with it. I liked to see it as a break from what I’m meant to be working on, though really, I’m using it to procrastinate. Which means that by writing this, I’m now procrastinating about a procrastination… 

What amuses me about this little project is that even though I feel comfortable with writing dialogue, reading back over what I wrote when I originally sat down to write something I realise a) it wasn’t the masterpiece I thought, (the high of actually finishing something will do that to you) and b) it’s hard to write something without story coming into it. It started out as a dialogue between a character played by our actress, and her doctor. I thought, coming in talking about something that’s worrying her and leaving feeling relieved would offer her a way of showing a wide range of emotion. However, it’s morphed into a four page story set in a fictional near future where an evil doctor will wipe your mind clean, in exchange for your old life. 

I really just needed a short dialogue between two people. 


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