Classic Movie Of The Week 2017

Classic Movie Of The Week: Dracula (AKA Horror Of Dracula) (1958)


Starring: Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Michael Gough

Director: Terence Fisher

If you’re looking at classic movies, no list would be complete without a Hammer Horror film entry. A British film studio that made famous and often ground breaking horrors from the 30’s to the 70’s, the studio is back in action again today, with films like The Woman In Black.

This film, starring Christopher Lee as Count Dracula is one of the most iconic images of the famous vampire, and solidified many of the tropes that would later become part of the vampire movie genre. Lee has a commanding and elegant presence that is just right for this role.

In this telling, Johnathan Harker takes a job at Draculas castle in order to get close to the evil Count in an effort to stop him. But when he’s found out and killed, Dracula decides to take revenge on Harker’s fiance and her family. Harker’s friend, Van Helsing (Cushing) is the only one who can save them all and stop the evil forever (or at least until a sequel).

It’s a bit of a bodice ripping, sensual tale, with Lee being a fanged but seductive bad guy, and the score soaring to emotional heights. There’s also a bit of blood for a 50’s movie, and quite a few lovely ladies get staked in this film. The slight quaintness that this film has gained with age is part of what makes it so delicious.

See It If: Cinema has a very long history of vampire horrors, and this one is a major classic for a reason. One to look for.



14 thoughts on “Classic Movie Of The Week: Dracula (AKA Horror Of Dracula) (1958)”

  1. You always manage to pull some of the most enchanting stories out of the bag (in this case your mind to be precise). It’s classic movies such as these that remind me to ‘re watch them and some that I discover and love.

    Dracula by Bram Stoker is one of my favourite novels and it’s a movie that really felt true enough to the adaptation from what I envisioned as I had read it. It’s the eerie, sensual and classy elements that make this movie a classic to date. A wonderful post to remind me of a great movie once more.☺

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    1. Glad you’re enjoying them, it’s fun to watch these.
      I loved Dracula too, it’s a wonderful book, which most films don’t quite manage to capture the soul and mood of. Except perhaps this one. 😁

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  2. Growing up in the ’70s I’d pull a chair up close and sit in the dark basement with a bowl of popcorn and an apple to watch Vincent Price horrors. Think I’ll find this and pop some corn.

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  3. There have been so many versions of Dracula over the past few decades that is almost hard to keep track of them all. I do think that I have seen this one some time ago, but I am not exactly sure. The Hammer horror house of movies really has produced a lot of fun movies in the past, and I quite liked the Woman in Black. I love these classic movie posts of yours, they are always a joy to read 😊

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    1. Dracula and vampire movies have been big since early cinema, and you’re right there’s so many of them. I love that this one is where a lot of the classic Dracula tropes started, but you’re right when you say… have I seen this one before? Lol. They’re often very similar. I’m glad you’re enjoying my reviews, I have fun writing them. 😁

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