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Movie Podcast: My guest post with Atlantic SC


Something that I haven’t shared with you guys yet, though if you follow the Facebook or Twitter page you will have heard about it. Recently, I did a guest post with the lovely guys at Atlantic SC on their AtlanticSCNEXT show, Jason and Lee’s new subsidiary show to the #AtlanticSC Podcast.

You can hear it here: CLICK ME

It’s kind of an informal chat about movies, mostly what we saw that week, and it’s a bit of fun. I always like to know what other people thought of the movies I’ve seen, and it’s funny how often someone gets something completely different out of the same movie. (As you’ll probably know if you’ve ever read the comments section here, ha ha!)

Some of the films we talk about on the episode are:

In a Lonely Place
Manchester by the Sea
Uncertain (documentary)
Rome Open City
In the Heat of the Night
Trespass Against Us
Bad Moms
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Pantani: The Accidental Death of a Cyclist (documentary)

These guys are so funny and interesting, and I really like chatting with them. So please click through to listen to this podcast, with me, or for more of Atlantic SC, find them on SoundCloud, iTunes or Overcast and Stitcher Radio. Make sure to follow and leave a comment.

Again, you can listen to it HERE. You can also find the guys on their blogs here, Lee at BigPicReviews and Jason at Atlantic SC.  Definitely recommend their blogs, so take a look and maybe give them a follow and a comment. And if you liked the podcast, leave me a comment below and let me know.


4 thoughts on “Movie Podcast: My guest post with Atlantic SC”

  1. It was great to finally put a voice to your lovely face. ☺ It certainly sounds like you had a great time talking to the guys about such interesting movies. Great conversation.

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