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The Love Witch (2016)

A review of The Love Witch, that I wrote for We Make Movies On Weekends

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If you’ve ever wanted to get revenge on an ex, this is the film for you.

OK, so I say that with tongue in cheek, a little bit. This is the story of a woman who just wants to find love, but her magic spells all go awry. Sound a little bit like Bewitched or Bell, Book and Candle? Well, it’s kind of like those, but when Elaine (Robinson) casts a love spell, people tend to die.

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The best part about this film is that I can’t decide whether it’s incredible or awful, just that I really got a kick out of watching it. The attention to detail, the sets, costumes, the way it’s shot, this film could be from the 60’s or 70’s. It’s veins bleed retro. It often feels stylised, like the scenes in a women’s tea room, where everyone wears pink, or the opening sequences where…

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18 thoughts on “The Love Witch (2016)”

  1. I passed on this at Rev last year, but I recall Anna Biller’s earlier effort, titled Viva. I experienced the same incredible/awful dichotomy. Sometimes Viva seemed to be a send-up of old movies, at other times it seemed wholly serious. Trying to figure out one way or the other kept me entertained anyhow.

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  2. When I first saw this post I thought this was a review for a 60’s movie, but then I saw the year this was made and my jaw almost hit the floor. What an incredible cinematography. It really looks the part. Not sure about the film itself, but I have added it to my list of things I might want to check out. Great post! 😊

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  3. It sounds like an interesting movie. And your description of the 60’s stylizing has got me intrigued. But I’m dead sure this one will never be released here in India. Might have to wait for Netflix now. Thanks for the great review 🙂

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    1. Yeah, I liked the clothes and makeup a lot. 😀 But it’s a cool, odd film. Hopefully on Netflix soon? Are there a lot of movies that don’t get released there? Or is it some subject matters or budget sizes that don’t get releases? I’m curious. Thankyou, always love your comments. ❤

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      1. There are lots that don’t get released in India. Generally low-budget films and offbeat films are never released here. If some are, they generally take time. We have to often wait a lot for them to be either released as DVDs or wait for one For example, Whiplash was released much after. Dreamers starring Eva Green never was released here. I watched on a cable channel. One of my favourites, Juno, was never released here. Again, I watched it on a cable channel. It gets to me how lame movies like Iron Man make it to every cinema in India but not such movies like the Iranian ‘A Separation’. I guess we aren’t mature as viewers. But heck, divorce happens in India too, teen pregnancies happen here as well. Why not support a movie that shows the reality of life? Anyway, waiting for Netflix now :-/

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      2. I think they know that there’s a huge market for blockbusters on the Indian market, so Hollywood makes a lot of money that way. But it seems kind of sad that you can’t get smaller gems, like Whiplash too. It’s interesting. Thank you for sharing this with me. 😀

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      3. You’re most welcome. Yes its sad. While most Indians like blockbusters, these films reflect a part of humanity that needs to be exposed to others so they can grow. I wish we wouldn’t always pander to commercial films. There’s a wealth of art out there thats far more beautiful than any song and dance routine shown in films.

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