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Secret In Their Eyes (2015)


Starring: Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Chiwetel Ejiofor

Director: Billy Ray

In any given year there are many thrillers that come out and largely, they’re not very thrilling. I heard good things about this one, but it also partly seemed to go under the radar with me, so I was glad to come across it and find something entertaining to watch, with a great central trio.

The film flashes between past and present in the lives of three members of the police force, and a case in which a daughter of one of their own (Roberts) was murdered, with the killer never being found. A case that changed the course of all of their lives, and which seemed to involve a lack of co-operation on the part of superior officers. Was there a cover up? What really happened, and can they catch the killer this time around?

You expect a lot from the director who brought us Captain Phillips, and it delivers. The film plays out nicely between past and present, and the triangle of the three, is very strong and the emotions intense. Ray (Ejiofor) and Sloane (Kidman) have a nice chemistry that starts with them meeting and falling for each other, and are blown apart by the murder, drawing back to each other 14 years later when Ray finds a new lead on the case. Cooper (Roberts) is Ray’s partner, and close friend, and as the murder almost destroys her, she is reluctant to be drawn in again and to have hope of closure.

It’s a strong film, with wonderful performances, especially from the central trio. Heartbreaking and tragic, as well as fascinating in it’s depiction of the machinations and politics in the business of solving murders, it’s a bleak film, and makes a solid thriller.

See It If: for thriller fans, this one should keep you from guessing the ending.


12 thoughts on “Secret In Their Eyes (2015)”

  1. You are right about this one passing under the radar as I have never even heard of this film. Never one to pass up a good thriller, and with such a stellar cast, this one is now high on my to watch list. Really like the premise you are describing, abd ofcourse your review is as amazing as always 😊

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