105 Must See Films

105 Must See Films: Argo (2012)


Starring: Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston, John Goodman

Director: Ben Affleck

In 1980, the American embassy in Tehran was invaded by Iranian revolutionaries, with six people escaping to a safe house. In order to get them out and back to the US, the CIA came up with the crazy plan of sending in a Hollywood producer scouting for a location for a fake science fiction film called Argo as the cover for their rescue and escape. It’s a plan so crazy it must just work…

It’s a Must See Because: The most remarkable part of this film is that it’s all true! Well, at least it’s based on a true story. Affleck does an amazing job of directing this film, which is well paced and cynical about the film industry, whilst also being suspenseful and often quite funny. It’s one of those films that has it all. Drama, thrills, and humour. And an excellent cast.

It’s quite mind blowing to think that the CIA came up with this plan, and actually implemented it, and the film also covers how elaborate the cover needed to be. The film needed to feel real and people needed to be talking about it. But it also covers the way in which time was running out for the people hiding out, and that the whole thing could so easily go wrong.

Taught and tense, though lightened with humour, it’s a remarkable story and a remarkable film.

See It If: just see it. It’s a film that should please thriller, drama and history fans.


12 thoughts on “105 Must See Films: Argo (2012)”

    1. While the plane chase is not part of the true story, it’s a credit to the filmmakers that you’re on the edge of your seat during the chase, even though you know they’re going to get away safely. Additional thoughts:

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  1. This movie, it was sooo incredibly good. It featured a great story (almost incredible this really happened), fantastic acting, and terrific directing. It pretty much is truly an absolute must see movie…and this was a must read review: as always šŸ˜‰

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  2. I really liked this movie too, it was well written and scripted by the talented Ben Affleck who proves that he can direct as well as he can act. Great review.

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  3. I liked this film a lot, and generally I say I love such films, but this one… I dont know. Inspite of the great story, the cast and the fantastic acting chops that everyone on board had, I thought Ben Affleck should not have acted in the movie. Maybe that’s because I’ve just never thought of him as a good actor. So maybe I’m wrong.

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