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105 Must See Films: She’s Gotta Have It (1986)


Starring: Tracy Camila Johns, Redmond Hicks, John Canada Terrell, Spike Lee, Raye Dowell

Director: Spike Lee

No one makes films like Spike Lee anymore. Which is a real shame.

Here he takes on female sexuality in a film that was rated R at the time. Nola Darling (Johns) is a beautiful woman, who knows who she is. Successful, intelligent and confident, she finds that one man only satisfies part of her needs, so she has three lovers. But all of them want all of her. Sophisticated narcissist Greer (Terrell) likes good dining and fine things, but cares too much about her looks. Mars Blackmon (Lee) is fun and bright, but too immature. And Jamie (Hicks) is the stable, romantic type, who seems like the nicest one, but wants to mold her into a traditional wife. Each one want her to give up the others and choose just them, but who will she choose?

Often very funny, and shot in black and white, with one rare scene in colour, the film feels modern, ground breaking and unusual.

Why Is It A Must See Film? At one point in the film, she is asked by one of her boyfriends to see a shrink, because she likes sex. It’s very funny, because the way she behaves is normal for a man, but is considered freakish for a woman. As it turns out, the shrink finds nothing wrong with her. But it’s easy to see what’s wrong with each of the guys. And actually, the one who seems the nicest, Jamie, actually gets a bit scary towards the end, in his need to dominate her. It’s a film in which the woman is confident, in control and sexual, when Feminism in the 80’s was hotting up. It’s a chick flick for real women and it paved the way for shows like Sex and The City.

See It If: you’ve ever felt like traditional roles don’t fit you.


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