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105 Must Watch Films: House Of Wax (1953)


Starring: Vincent Price, Phyllis Kirk, Carolyn Jones, Charles Bronson

Director: Andre De Toth

Classic horror about a wax model artist called Jarrod (Price), whose business partner burns him alive with his creations in order to collect insurance money. But Jarrod will not stay dead, and reappears to exact his revenge on those who crossed him, and anyone else who he takes a dislike to, by turning them into wax works.

Great premise for a film, isn’t it? Originally shown in 3D, it loses nothing by being watched in 2D, as it has solid plotting and performances. Sue Allen (Kirk) is the young woman linked to Jarrod by his murder of her friend, and is the first to suspect him of not being what he seems. She’s just delicate enough to be a damsel in distress, but is always charming. You’ll also spot Charles Bronson as the assistant Igor (no really!) and credited at Charles Buchinsky.

Why Is It A Must see Film: One of the highest grossing films the year it was made, this film was considered a horror classic by the 1960’s and has been a perennial favourite since. It also has Price in one of his finest roles, which reignited his career and put him centre stage thereafter as a horror star.

See It If: If you’ve never seen a vintage horror film before or are yet to discover Vincent Price, this is an excellent starting place.


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