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Fury (2014)


Starring: Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Merman, Michael Pēna

Director: David Ayer

Infuriating film (see what I did there?) about a tank and the people who man it, during the Second World War in Germany. With a cast that covers all the token minorities, and has Brad Pitt as the benevolent middle aged white guy tasked with leading them, who is clearly intended to be the cultured one, but isn’t particularly. The rumours about what the director put the cast through before filming made the movie a curiosity, and the stories about it’s gritty realism were put about before it’s release, but sadly are not reflected at all in the finished product. It’s puerile garbage with very little logic, emotion or realism, either on a historical or personal level.

There’s an awful (and awfully long) scene in the house of a German woman. I will relate some of it to you as a microcosm of the whole: A mother has hidden her pretty daughter under the bed in order for her not to get raped by the invading troops. Brad Pitt and his protégé enter the house. The young woman is immediately discovered, and brought out. The women then are forced to cook for them, and the youngest to have sex with the younger soldier. However, the scene is played as though a German woman would be happy to cook for an invading American (what??) and that the younger girl would love to have sex with a stanger who is invading, even though she was clearly in hiding from that very situation. Thinking back to how this is before the sexual revolution and how women who slept with the enemy had very very bad things happen to them, let alone that the poor thing had to sleep with a stranger… It’s all so awful to the point of being offensive. And is only one, just ONE scene in this awful awful film.

See It If: You’re an adolescent boy or if you hate yourself.


8 thoughts on “Fury (2014)”

  1. Well I don’t meet either hilarious criteria for seeing this movie, so I’ll skip it. Plus, I can’t get past Brad Pitt’s terrible haircut. But I always enjoy your scathing reviews, they’re so funny!

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  2. Oh gosh, I hope we weren’t supposed to think that poor girl was okay with it. That’s too depressing to think about!

    I do have a habit of over-thinking and over-analyzing things, so who knows? Either way, the scene definitely gave me creepy vibes. Eep!

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  3. I’m a total sucker for WWII films, but even I couldn’t stand that scene. I assume the movie wanted me to see Pitt and his protege as nuanced characters — as in, they’re not perfect good guys, as war hero protagonists are often portrayed — or that the Germans were so scared of the invading soldiers that they were willing to do whatever was asked; perhaps this was a statement on the power of fear.

    I want to believe that there was a secret, deeper meaning behind this scene; the alternative is that it was just a creepy, awful sex scene and it hurts me to believe that could be true.

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    1. I love WWII films too! They’re normally fascinating. You might be right about the intended meaning of the scene. It’s an interest thought. I got the idea that we were meant to think that the girl was ok with it or even wanted to because she liked the guy. I think you’re explanation might be more like what they meant to be getting across. Lol. Stoopid film.


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