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105 Must See Films: Gravity (2013)


Starring: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney

Director: Alfonso Cuarón

Overhyped film about astronaut Ryan Stone (Bullock)  who is separated from her spaceship during a freak accident, and must use all her ingenuity to survive.

The central performance by Bullock is the actress at her finest, and perhaps the accolades that the film received are highly deserved. It’s certainly quite a feat.


There are aspects SPOILER ALERT that leave me with more questions than answers. The part where George Clooney’s Kowalski is floating away and Stone has to let him go or they both die, … I felt like that wouldn’t really be the outcome of that situation. Why would she have to let him go? There’s a loose back story that Stone lost a child, and yet it’s treated like just a tragic backstory to be gotten over, like the film is a metaphor for how she feels, and what she must do, and yet… It’s such a cookie cutter back story. There’s no mention of family, of an ex-partner. It doesn’t ring true. And the ending, where she lands on earth, with no food, no clothes, no ID, no idea where she is… I can’t think of many parts of the world where it’s safe for a woman to be discovered with no money, ID and no clothing. Hopefully NASA knows exactly where she is AND that she’s alive, though if she’s landed in a Communist country or somewhere at war with the US, she’d make an interesting bargaining chip, politically speaking. It’s a very thin film, with the technology and sparkle making up for a lack of real substance.

Why Is This Film On The List: Using groundbreaking technology, this film managed to show zero gravity and emulate the silence and science of space. It’s a technical marvel, and a must see for film makers.

See It If: You are a Sandra Bullock fan, or like space movies. It’s a crowd pleaser.


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