Kate Remembered: A Personal Biography by A Scott Berg

A great book that I read and reviewed on my book review blog, please feel free to check it out and follow if you’re interested in books or reading. Wide of variety of reviews there.
This book could be of interest to you classic movie lovers out there. 🙂



From the Pulliter Prize winning biographer, A Scott Berg’s aim is to write a personal account of his time as Hepburn’s friend and confidante, as well share many of the stories told in the long interview sessions they had during their twenty year long friendship.

In a way, it’s an odd sort of biography, untraditional in the sense that it’s unashamedly about the authors time spent with the famous actress as well as her stories and history. But that’s what makes the book so enjoyable, as the author clearly feels very close to his subject and can speak about her day to day life with authority, having spent a great deal of time with her, and clearly caring about her very much. As an experienced biographer, you cannot accuse him of not having done his research, but there’s something very endearing about his awe of Kate.

Largely, the book follows…

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