Film Reviews

The Hallow (The Woods) (2015)


Adam moves with his wife and baby to a village in Ireland to work for a logging company, but things quickly turn sour when something is disturbed in the woods. 

Genre: Horror

Starring: Joseph Mawle, Bojana Novakovic, Michael McElhatten

Director: Corin Hardy

There has been a bit of talk about this film, perhaps because of how great the whole film looks and perhaps because for is in the UK, it’s a local film (an English/Irish co-production). The idea of a story about Irish folklore, where fairies are not so much cute, plump little characters but rather woodland creatures that steal babies, seems like a rich mine for storytelling gold.

And it is. The creatures in this film are incredible. Strange, plantlike and completely wild, they inhabit the screen, and though we at first only glimpse them, when they are fully revealed, they are truly terrifying. Literally, a force of nature.

However, … the pacing of the film and the stupidity of the two main characters is too much to take. I couldn’t wait for both of them to die. They were completely nonsensical. Sadly, it takes 97 minutes for this to happen, 97 minutes.

The director usually makes music videos and shorts, and the film really feels like a short film script that was extended and stretched to make a feature. There was a lot of times that the edit should have shortened the moment, or that the plot and characters contrived to create situations to extend the story. However, the visuals and effects were excellent, there’s potential here.

Corbin Hardy is currently signed on to direct the remake of The Crow, which doesn’t inspire me with huge hopes for the film. Though his visual style is excellent and he’s one to watch for the future, it feels like he will improve with more experience.

See it if: It’s a date and you want a film that you can make out through most of, or you’re a saint and therefore have the infinite patience for this.


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