What’s New Pussycat?


It’s been a couple of funny/interesting weeks here at Wildfire. I’ve moved house again, and this time, for those of you who know how often I seem to move int he last few years, I’ve not bothered to complete the unpacking. ha ha.

In other news, we are now working with the FDA to accredit the blog and make it better. They are looking at bloggers as one of the major, and free, sources of movie reviews and dialogues that people look at for their viewing preferences, so their drive is to get us learning about the industry and about how to be better journalists. And to get us watching previews, so you can expect, or might have already seen, more reviews on site about what’s coming up in the coming months.

We are also going to be doing some writing for Whirligig Cinema, covering some events for them. They are London based and have some great screenings and events, so I’ll be linking to those, and maybe even see some of you there, if you’re in the neighborhood. Who knows?

Finally, my feature horror script, Elmwood Grove, has been selected into the first round of the Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards in LA. Like an awkward ginger stepchild, I was worried that no one would like it, but I’m really happy that it’s out there and being selected. Fingers crossed it does well! It’s all very exciting.

There’s also a chance I might get to do a little work on a film for the lovely Mackenzie Gray, should it all be viable. So watch this space!


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