Classic Movie 2020

Classic Movie Of The Week: The Stranger (1946)

Starring: Orson Welles, Edward G Robinson, Loretta Young Director: Orson Welles Orson Welles is the handsome stranger in small town Connecticut when his past starts to catch up with him. As he marries the daughter of a judge (Loretta Young), a War Crimes Commission man (Edward G Robinson) is closing in on him for… Continue reading Classic Movie Of The Week: The Stranger (1946)

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Overlord (2018)

Starring: Jovan Adepo, Wyatt Russell, Mathilde Ollivier, Pilou Asbaek Director: Julius Avery Boyce (Adepo) is a US soldier dropped into occupied France towards the end of the war. As most of his unit are killed, he finds himself and a few other survivors following Ford (Russell) a hardened soldier on a mission to take down… Continue reading Overlord (2018)

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Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

Starring: Andrew Garfield, Vince Vaugn, Sam Worthington, Hugo Weaving, Teresa Palmer Director: Mel Gibson Mel Gibson directs this true story of a man, Desmond Doss (Garfield), who signed up to fight in WWII, but who could not carry a gun under religious principles. It's a remarkable story, as the first half we see how hard… Continue reading Hacksaw Ridge (2016)