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Suspiria (2018)

Starring: Dakota Johnson, Tilda Swinton, Chloe Grace Moretz, Mia Goth Director: Luca Guadagnino In a divided Berlin in 1977, women at a famous dance studio prepare for a key performance. But something is not right at the studio. Patricia (Moretz) has mysteriously disappeared after making strange comments that there is some very dark goings on… Continue reading Suspiria (2018)

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Hail, Caesar!

Loosely plotted along a cell of Communist writers kidnapping a movie star for ransom money and a studio fixers attempts to get him returned, this film is a series of vignettes playing with classic Hollywood figures and movie tropes, a homage to a bygone era of cinema as well as a lampooning of that time.… Continue reading Hail, Caesar!

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Film Review: Snowpiercer (2013)

Logline: After an apocalypse that leaves the Earth under snow, a train called the Snowpiercer travels across the globe containing the last of Earths survivors. However, the treatment of the people in the lowest class is sparking a revolution that threatens the fabric of the social classes... Genre: Action Director: Joon-Ho Bong Starring: Chris Evans,… Continue reading Film Review: Snowpiercer (2013)