Hallowe'en and Horror

Horror Franchise: Friday The 13th (1980 – 2009)

Created to cash in on the highly successful slasher flick Halloween which came out in 1978, Friday The 13th revolves around Jason Voorhees, a child who drowned at a school camp. Initially, he's the motive for the killings, and later the killer himself, as anyone who tries to stay on Crystal Lake falls under the… Continue reading Horror Franchise: Friday The 13th (1980 – 2009)

Film Reviews

Hallowe’en Flicks: The Burbs (1989)

Starring: Tom Hanks, Carrie Fisher, Bruce Dern, Corey Feldman Director: Joe Dante Ray (Hanks) is a stressed out man who just needs a break, but when the Klopek's move in next door, his crazy and nosy neighbours are sure that there's something very weird about them. When a local man goes missing and weird sounds… Continue reading Hallowe’en Flicks: The Burbs (1989)