Hallowe'en and Horror

Halloween Special Series: American Gothic (1995)

Starring: Gary Cole, Lucas Black, Sarah Paulson, Paige Turco, Jake Weber

With Sam Raimi executive producing, and created by Shaun Cassidy, American Gothic was a dark little 90’s TV series that you’d blink and miss. But a lot of people have memories of seeing some of it and wondering what happened. It’s a story of good and evil in small town America, and has many elements of the Southern Gothic genre. Caleb (Lucas Black) is ten when his father and sister die, and while the local Sherriff (Cole) is overly interested in him, his cousin from out of town comes to take custody of him and to look into her own parents death. The Sherriff is more than he seems, and everyone in town owes him something. The show has plenty of dark plotlines and has some fun cameo episodes with Sam Raimi’s brother Ted coming in for one episode and Bruce Campbell for another. It’s become a cult classic over time, and with good reason. So this month, I watched every episode and am sharing my love for this bleak and wonderful show with you.


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