Classic Movies 2021

Classic Movie: American Gigolo (1980)

Richard Gere starred in this sexy 80’s film as a male prostitute, working in LA who gets framed for murder, in a career starting role. It’s classic 80’s, and pushed the boat out for nudity, earning it’s R rating at the time. With Lauren Hutton joining him, and a classic Blondie track as it’s theme, it’s an interesting watch. Watch my take on this film below.


1 thought on “Classic Movie: American Gigolo (1980)”

  1. I remember American Gigolo for the ‘prefiguring’, as Michael Moorcock put it – the introduction of a major element early in the movie but in a disguised form. Early on, Julian is working out with gravity boots, hanging upside down. Later, when he confronts Leon and pushes him over the balcony… as I recall, Julian is left with one of Leon’s shoes.


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