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Australian Movie Month: Wake In Fright (1971)

Starring: Donald Pleasance, Gary Bond, Chips Refferty, Jack Thompson

Director: Ted Kotcheff

A teacher in a rural Australian town finds himself stranded in the middle of nowhere after he gambles away his money. He falls in with the locals and soon finds himself degenerating to their level as the Outback makes savages of everyone…. It’s a bleak, dark and a bit twisted image of Australia and one that was not wel received in it’s home land but has since become a classic. Full review below.


3 thoughts on “Australian Movie Month: Wake In Fright (1971)”

    1. Yeah, I feel like there’s some truth in it, even if it’s distorted. Maybe it’s an attitude it captures more than 100% literal things. But that kangaroo shoot…. Awful and all too real.

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      1. To borrow a line from Insomnia, there are two kinds of people in outback Australia: those who were born here and those who went there to escape something. There were men in the mining company’s barracks who’d lived in the same small room for decades. One Brit admitted to me that he’d jumped ship in Darwin some time in the late 60s. Wake In Fright has that quality to it, the sense that it’s a place where the road runs out and there’s just nothing beyond it. Shooting kangaroos? I’m half surprised they didn’t start hunting the schoolteacher.

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