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Hallowe’en Flicks: The Nun (2018)

Starring: Demian Bichir, Taissa Farmiga, Jonas Bloquet

Director: Corin Hardy

In the latest Conjuring film, we saw a nun haunting Lorraine Warren, and this film is the story of that scary nun. Turns out the nun in question is a demon kept barely under control by a convent situated on a kind of hellmouth. When one of the nuns from the convent is found dead under odd circumstances, the Vatican sends a preist with a past and a nun who hasn’t yet taken her vows to look into the situation.

I quite like the Conjuring films, but this spin off is so dull and boring. There’s plenty of spooky catholic imagery and eerie Romanian locale, but it’s just all silly and episodic. None of the things anyone does really makes any sense and the internal logic of how it all works is seriously flawed. Interestingly, they chose Taissa Farmiga as the main character, and her real -life sister Vera plays Lorraine Warren. It feels like a connection that should mean something, but it appears not to really mean anything. Kind of like this movie…

Scale Of Scary: 1/10 You just got the odd chill, but it’s probably only if you left your window open…


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