Film Reviews

Hallowe’en Flicks: Valentine (2001)

Starring: Denise Richards, David Boreanaz, Katherine Heigl

Director: Jamie Blanks

At school, all the girls laugh as loser Jeremy Melton. He just can’t get a date for Valentine’s Day. But those five girls are all grown up, and with Valentine’s Day approaching once again, the tables are turned when they’re picked off by a masked killer one by one… Is the grown up Jeremy Melton back for revenge?

I don’t think I’ve seen a film in a long time that was so very 2001. It’s all so cheesey and bright and has Angel from Buffy in it who may or may not be the killer. All the girls are pretty obnoxious and are obsessed with dating. At first, I was thinking, this is so bad that I’m kind of enjoying myself. But as the film went on, I realised it was kind of a subversion of popular chick flicks. The women are gorgeous and lead these stylised lives but they can’t get a date. They’re pretty but they’re not necessarily all that nice. On the flip side, the guys they date are kind of odd looking, and often the innocent flirt in this film leads to death or that annoying guy might have a key to your apartment. Where Valentine’s Day is meant to be romantic, this film is like a date gone horribly wrong. When you watch it like that, it’s kind of interesting and very funny.

Scale Of Scary: 4/10 It’s a slasher style movie, good sense of tension but mostly silly.


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