Film Reviews

Hallowe’en Flicks: Child’s Play (2019)

Starring: Aubrey Plaza, Mark Hammil, Tim Matheson

Director: Lars Klevberg

Starting over in a new place, 13 year old Andy has trouble making new friends and fitting in, so his mother brings him home a Buddi doll from her work which was returned because it was defective. Andy names his doll Chucky, and this being the modern age, the doll can connect to wifi and the home security system. But Chucky loves Andy so much, he wants to do anything for his friend, including murder.

With the voice of Mark Hamill as Chucky and a creepy makeover, this film borrows from the current 80’s nostalgia and has a Stranger Things vibe, in a good way. It has a sense of humour and fun, and throws in some fun tropes like a scumbag stepfather you can’t wait to see get killed, mixed in with a modern technology upgrade and a new look Buddi doll. After years of Chucky sinking lower and lower into parody and silliness, this feels like a return to form. The first 1988 Child’s Play is a really great horror, and much scarier than this but this is a fun horror too, and would be a fun watch this Hallowe’en.

Scale Of Scary: 5/10 So many nostalgia reboots, this one is a fun watch and has tension, humour and scares, but some might like to re-watch the original instead.


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