Classic Movie 2019

Classic Movie Of The Week: The Big Chill (1983)

Starring: Tom Berenger, Glenn Close, Jeff Goldblum, William Hurt, Kevin Kline, Mary Kay Place, Meg Tilly, Jobeth Williams

Director: Lawrence Kasdan

When one of their close friends from college commits suicide, seven friends return for his funeral, and stay together for a while as a kind of reunion. Old tensions and bonds resurface, and the friends must face their own lives and problems that their friends death has brought to the fore.

This film is kind of wonderful, with such a solid ensemble cast and a great soundtrack of classic 60’s tunes, music that the friends would have listened to in the days they were first making friends. Unlike a lot of ensemble films, no one is really left out or not given screen time and the plot doesn’t suffer from too much time spent on character development either.

The characters in this film are all really diverse and interesting. One wants to have a baby, another has a new hit TV show, another struggles with drug use after being in Vietnam… each has their own story and problem. They’re all real problems that anyone might face, and while they struggle over facing the death of their friend and why he ended his life, they also find answers with each other because they know each other well.

I love the way the film mixes the bittersweet, the emotional and the hilarious. When drama films are at their best they make you feel something and make you think about your own life, they give you a little sadness and nostalgia, but also make you laugh just enough too. The film shows that while time and circumstance may pull as apart, friendship keeps us connected even as our lives change, and can bring us back to ourselves in the end.

See It If: you ever wished you’d kept in touch with your friends from college or if your friends are the people in your life that keep you sane. This is a lovely film.

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