Podcast: The Film Connection – Robin Williams and Dead Poet’s Society

I always love when Steven Saunders of the Film Connection asks me to be on his podcast, and this series talking about the films of Robin Williams has been really emotional and also really fun. In this episode, we talked about the departed actor and the film Dead Poet’s Society, the story of an inpirational teacher and the young student’s he inspires and whose lives are changed forever by the life lessons he teaches.

Niall Browne of MoviesInFocus.com also joined us for this recording, and both he and Steven love movies and really get into talking about them. It was a fun episode, go listen.

LISTEN HERE: https://thefilmconnection.simplecast.com/episodes/robin-williams-dead-poets-society-V6rl8Wl2

Or you can subcribe to this great podcast HERE: https://thefilmconnection.simplecast.com/


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