Classic Movie Watchlist 2018

Classic Movie Of The Week: St Elmo’s Fire (1985)

Starring: Rob Lowe, Demi Moore, Emilio Estevez, Ally Sheedy, Judd Nelson, Mare Winningham, Andrew McCarthy, Andie MacDowell

Director: Joel Schumacher

Just out of college, a group of close friends struggle to deal with adult life, from relationships and love, to career and money, as well as staying together. 

The Brat Pack were huge in the 80’s, and appeared in teen films that finally showed teens talking about things teens really talked about. (John Hughes was a master at these kinds of films) They were a group of young actors who all hung out in Hollywood and seemed to not care about the establishment, and all that kind of rebellious 80’s kind of thing. They were in huge demand and reportedly behaved like brats. Hence the name. 

This film takes a bunch of them as an ensemble cast and shows what happens when those rebellious teens graduate from college and face the real world. Like every generation, their parent’s just don’t understand them and their struggles, but they do find solace in each other and their friendship. 

It is a genuinely emotional film, too, where a great girl is with an awful guy, a guy has dreams to be noticed by a girl out of his league, a guy loves his best friends girl, and other characters run themselves into debt to live the 80’s dream. You do care about these characters, even though it’s not a classic in the way that films like Breakfast Club were. 

What really makes this a classic is the sheer 80’s chic of this film. The hair is big, the shoulder pads are real, the materialism and desire to chase a dream are all there in force. The synths in the music score are emotional and yet electronic. It’s gives us actors who were hugely in fashion, talking about the concerns that the movies felt people had at that age at that time, wearing clothes and doing things that people did back then. In a time when 80’s nostalgia is at it’s peak, this drama is definitely worth a watch. 

See It If: you ever struggled to find your place in the world and who you wanted to be. This is a charming drama with a great cast, and is just so 80’s. It hits the spot. 


4 thoughts on “Classic Movie Of The Week: St Elmo’s Fire (1985)”

  1. Ahhh. ❤ Possibly No. 1 movie of my growing up. I went to see it in the cinema at just the right time in my life. And then the next day again with another friend. And so I kept going until now, I make everybody watch it with me.

    I always felt like I was made from these characters, I had a piece of everybody's problems. I grew up in socialistic Yugoslavia so I didn't notice materialism as much as I did the quest for love and belonging. I kept falling in love with best friends, trying to write and publish, fell in love with people 'out of my league' (better, didn't believe in leagues, still don't)…

    I wonder what made you write about it now. In any case, I'm very glad to see this. And to see you agree that it's a great film with real emotions.

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