Podcast: Studio Ghibli and Howl’s Moving Castle on ScreenMayhem.com

howls movins castle poster

Let’s Get Stuck Into… is a podcast from ScreenMayhem.com which focuses on sets of five films from different influential film personalities and masters of cinema. It’s a really fascinating and fun podcast, and I had a really great time recording this one, about Studio Ghibli and the magical fairy tale fantasy of Howl’s Moving Castle.

If you’d like to listen, Click HERE

And I highly recommend heading over to ScreenMayhem.com and also checking out the rest of the podcasts in this Let’s Get Stuck Into series HERE.

If you like this podcast, let me know in the comments section or on ScreenMayhem.com. You can also find more podcasts that I guest in in the “Listen” tab at the top of the blog.


4 thoughts on “Podcast: Studio Ghibli and Howl’s Moving Castle on ScreenMayhem.com”

  1. Part of my morning was spent listening to this Podcast. While my internet connection kept getting lost and admist my ill health, it was lovely to hear your praise and thoughts on such a wonderful movie. Your ‘hello’ proceeded by your giggle was quaint.

    I agree, it can be rather confusing, and I admit on first watch I was unsure what it truly portrayed. I have a copy of the movie so further viewings, made me understand the strong imagery of war that influenced Miyazaki’s anger when the invasion of war had erupted as he said in an interview. And it is also loosely based on a novel by Diana Wynee Jones. I love the ideas he took from such a harsh reality and made it into his own magical understanding of the world. It has a great deal of charm faced with tbe struggles Sophie and Howl truly face. The music is also very beautiful as Studio Ghibli movies often have. A firm favourite of mine.

    Sincerely Sonea

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