Podcast: Studio Ghibli and Whisper of the Heart on ScreenMayhem.com

whisper poster.jpeg

Let’s Get Stuck Into… is a podcast from ScreenMayhem.com which focuses on sets of five films from different influential film personalities and masters of cinema. It’s a really fascinating and fun podcast, and I had a really great time recording this one, about Studio Ghibli and the often overlooked teen drama Whisper Of The Heart.

If you’d like to listen, Click HERE

And I highly recommend heading over to ScreenMayhem.com and also checking out the rest of the podcasts in this Let’s Get Stuck Into series HERE.


4 thoughts on “Podcast: Studio Ghibli and Whisper of the Heart on ScreenMayhem.com”

      1. Seriously thanks a bunch! this movie was a must watch for me especially since I’ve been a writer. The character resembled a young writer to the T! and i played the violin so this movie was just my movie. i also love romances lol can’t wait to check out more!

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