Podcast time: Hard To Kill on Cinema Bushido!


I recently joined the lovely guys at Cinema Bushido for their movie podcast on Steven Seagall’s Hard To Kill, a movie that’s terrible, fun and hilarious. If you love action and martial arts films, you really need to be subscribed to these podcasts. They’re really good! Click below to listen and give the guys a follow while you’re there.

To listen to the Podcast CLICK HERE.

You can also follow me on Instagram @hermioneflavia or Twitter @hermioneflavia. If you liked this podcast, why not leave me a comment below?


1 thought on “Podcast time: Hard To Kill on Cinema Bushido!”

  1. Steven Seagel’s NICO: ABOVE THE LAW, OUT FOR JUSTICE, UNDER SIEGE, THE GLIMMER MAN and MARKED FOR DEATH are so much fun as retro-action flicks. Other one is Van Damme and films like HARD TARGET, MAXIMUM RISK, SUDDEN DEATH and DOUBLE IMPACT are other gems. KICKBOXER is still a classic.

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