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Podcast: Guest Starring on Talking Stars It and Stephen King Episode.

IT stephen king

Thank you to the lovely guys at Talking Stars Podcast for having me as a guest star for their It Preview and Stephen King show. As always, loads of fun.

Want to listen? Please CLICK HERE.


If you haven’t seen It yet, don’t worry, it’s spoiler free. We talk about Stephen King movies, and how some adaptations are wonderful, others are not so great.

Did you know that King has a writer credit on 242 movies? What’s your favourite adaptation?


2 thoughts on “Podcast: Guest Starring on Talking Stars It and Stephen King Episode.”

  1. Hmm, good question. I think my favorite adaptation has to be Christine. I know the book is different, certainly when it comes to the ending of the film, but it’s Carpenter and combined with the terrific music, I quite enjoyed watching this one 😊 Abd honestly I must have lost count on the number of times that I have seen this one 😀

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