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The Transfiguration (2016)


Starring: Eric Ruffin, Chloe Levine

Director: Michael O’Shea

Milo is a quiet, anti-social teen who is obsessed with vampire lore. He lives in a crappy apartment block where he’s bullied by the local thugs and lives with his ex-military brother, who spends most of his time watching TV. His parents are both dead. But Milo’s fascination with vampires is more than just an interest. He feels that he is or could become one, and when he meets Sophie, her dysfunctional life pushes his til he starts taking his ideas further and further into the dark.

A directorial debut, this film has has it’s lovers and it’s haters. It’s one of those fascinating indie films that defies easy definition and inspires a love/hate reaction. Personally, I can’t decide whether I liked it or not. I felt that the performances were good, and the premise was really interesting. Where is it going? Is he really going to turn out to be a vampire or just a really mixed up kid? I think in a way those kinds of thought provoking questions and polarizing plot points make this an interesting film, regardless.

It’s a funny film in a way. It functions as a bit of a horror thriller, with some death and gore, but fans of vampire films might find it lacks the genre tropes that they love, while those who find it a commentary of social norms in ghettoised high rise flats might find the vampire elements ridiculous.

Personally, I think it’s an interesting film, especially as a debut, and I think the story of someone who is turning into something dark and unnatural is quite fascinating. But I’m not sure that the film really satisfies in the end. But it’s nicely shot and shows an unusual and original mind in this first time director.

See It If: you ever thought as a teen that you might be turning into a vampire… It’s kind of a drama/horror.



3 thoughts on “The Transfiguration (2016)”

  1. As far as premises go, this one had me interested right from the start of your review. It sounds like a film I really want to watch, but I also know it will in all likelyhood be a while before I get to see it (it will be hard to track down here, as indie films are hardly released here in Holland. But I have marked it down to watch for sure. Really like it that you put films such as these in the spotlight đŸ˜‰

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