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Waxwork (1988)


Starring: Zach Galligan, Deborah Foreman, Jennifer Bassey

Director: Anthony Hickox

Vestron films were well known during the late 80’s for their genre horror flicks, and later for their release and distribution of Dirty Dancing. One of their best worst films was Waxwork from 1988. In fine comedy horror 80’s style, it’s got a cheesey feel whilst actually having from pretty good effects and creature creation.

Starring Zach Galligan, who you’ll recognise from the Gremlins films, it’s the story of a group of friends who are invited to a midnight party at the new and mysterious waxwork museum. While there, they all get separated, and two of their number don’t turn up at school the next day. Something isn’t right…

Whilst in the museum, people who get too close are sucked into the world of the display, each of which shows a serial killer or murderer, and contains some real artifact from the actual events. They enter the world of werewolves, evil mummy’s, vampires… and each world is quite well realised and has it’s own little plot and gruesome death. It’s a pretty cool premise.

It turns out that there’s some very dark magic going on an the waxwork museum. And it may herald something truly awful, if the owner can’t be stopped in time!

This movie is really over the top, but in a really entertaining way, and I love the costumes, sets and locations. I can’t decide whether my favourite part is the grotesque creatures or the laughable deaths. Probably both. But all said, though it sets out to have fun with it’s plot and ideas, there’s a lot of great design here, some known actors, and some good performances. A true 80’s horror classic.

See It If: one for genre fans, if you love 80’s fab horror, you have to put this on your watch list.

Waxwork has been issued in a newly restored and remastered Blu Ray edition, along with three other Vestron classics presented by Lionsgate UK. They’re available for pre-order on Amazon now, released August 28th 2017. Add them to your horror collection today!

Purchase Waxwork HERE, Blood Diner HERE, C.H.U.D. II: Bud the Chud HERE, and Return of the Living Dead 3 HERE.





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