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Wish Upon – Review

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What would you do if you had seven wishes?

I guess if you’re a teenage girl, then you’d wish for popularity, the star quarter-back to fall for you and enough money to drive a convertible and shop at Valentino. Sound familiar? It’s a lot like Teen Witch (I know, wonderful film) and The Craft.

This is my round about way of saying that there are elements in Wish Upon that are kind of traditional. In that sense, it feels like what I like to call an entry level horror film. It’s rated PG -13, so it’s the kind of film that you can watch that’s scary or creepy, but not too terrifying. It’s fairly safe for those of you who want a scare, but don’t want nightmares.

It’s the story of Claire, a teenager who saw her mother commit suicide when she was very young. She’s an outsider, along with…

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