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Frailty (2001)


Starring: Bill Paxton, Matthew McConaughey, Powers Boothe

Director: Bill Paxton

Bill Paxton’s recent and what felt like sudden death led to many discussions of his career. Perhaps most beloved as Private Hudson in Aliens (Game over, man, game over!) or as a hurricane hunter in Twister, he also had considerable talent as a director, if this film is anything to go by.

A man walks into the FBI and claims to know the identity of an evil serial killer that’s terrorising the area. He says that the killer is his brother, and offers to show where his brother is. He starts to relate the story of his family, of his father who started to see visions of an angel that told him to kill demons who were hidden amongst the average population.

It’s the story of madness and serial killing, but the natural and earnest role of the father, played by Paxton makes it a difficult watch. He seems like a kind and caring father, he wants what’s best for his children, but he also sees visions of angels that tell him who to kill and to get his kids involved. It’s a bit disturbing, but also very clever. You can relate to everyone. There are no simple answers. It’s not black and white and it’s not about sensationalism or gory deaths. It feels very real, insightful into the ways that families normalise dysfunction and violence in their midst.

It’s also a film with some interesting twists and turns, and has unexpected moments, and a great ending. Paxton is an excellent director, and it feels like a great shame that he was taken from us so young, before we could see more work from him. Highly recommended.

See It If: Fans of Bill Paxton, this is a must see. It’s also a solid and interesting thriller.


2 thoughts on “Frailty (2001)”

  1. I have seen this movie years back. Think a year after it came out. Honestly I can say that I can remember almost nothing from ot (it’s been 15 years lol), but I do believe that I quite liked the film. It’s such a shame that this great actor has died. Always thought he was very underrated, and he’s had so many great roles.

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