105 Must See Films

105 Must See Films: Wall Street (1987)


Starring: Michael Douglas, Charlie Sheen, Daryl Hannah

Director: Oliver Stone

Bud Fox (Sheen) is young, ambitious and idealistic, determined to make his way up the ladder in the world of stockbroking. At the top of that ladder is Gordon Gekko (Douglas), a man who personifies 80’s ideals of business and wealth, and who is finally convinced to take Fox under his wing. But as he does, Fox starts to lose sight of what’s important, the people who work at the companies that they’re trading shares in and taking over, and his family. The wealth is intoxicating, and it’s not long before Gekko has him dancing on the edges of legality when they start insider trading.

It’s A Must See Because: this film basically is the 80’s. With it’s world of wealth, capitalism and power couples, it skewers the social mores of the time. Everyone wanted to get rich and show off their wealth. But with this desire and push for wealth and up ward social movement came the sense that success sometimes came at the expense of other people, including family and family values. The film is just so 80’s, from the huge mobile that Gekko uses to the casting of Charlie Sheen, that Brat Pack era alumnus.

See It If: there have been a few sequels to this now, and people are more savvy about the consequences of capitalism. But it’s the original and so 80’s awesome. Or should I say, rad.


2 thoughts on “105 Must See Films: Wall Street (1987)”

  1. Lol, this film was defintely rad 😂😂 I have not seen the sequel to this yet, but I do know that I loved the original. Fantastic role from Michael Douglas and a truly memorable movie character. Great post, so cool to always take these trips down memorylane 😀

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