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Kubo & The Two Strings (2016)


Starring: Charlize Theron, Matthew McConaughey, Ralph Fiennes

Director: Travis Knight

Kubo is a little boy with a great ability. His music can make origami come to life, a skill he uses to make enough money to care for his mother, whom he lives in a cave with above the village. His mother is catatonic during the day, but comes to life in the evening, and tells Kubo the story of his birth, his heroic samurai father who saved their lives, and the dangers from his own family, who will kill him if they find him.

One day, Kubo makes a mistake, and his Aunts find out his whereabouts. Soon he is on the run, questing to find his fathers armour, the only thing that can save him. With the help of a bossy monkey and a giant beetle warrior, he travels through a dangerous world.

The film is lyrical, epic and beautiful. It ticks all the Hero’s Journey boxes, perhaps a little too well (at times it feels slightly formulaic), but the characters are all well rounded and dynamic. It’s a delight, tinged with just enough bitter-sweetness.

See It If: A beautiful film, it should please adults and children alike.


7 thoughts on “Kubo & The Two Strings (2016)”

  1. I have not seen this movie yet, but after reading all the great things about it in your review and reviews on other blogs, I have added this one to my to watch encyclopedia. I’m sure I will get around to it some time 😊 Great post!

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  2. Nice review. The animation alone is just stunning to watch. Definitely a good movie that doesn’t sacrifice the studio’s integrity for quality work and not just cheap gimmicks on songs and dances (like many other animated films).

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  3. I really liked this movie. I believe they used stop motion animation. It is definitely a different path to usual animated movies of Hollywood and i liked the storyline. I also have the credit music which I love- “my guitar gently weeps” sung by Regina Spektor. It’s a beautiful song. (To me atleast). ☺

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