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The Trust (2016)


Starring: Nicolas Cage, Elijah Wood,

Director: Alex Brewer, Benjamin Brewer

Any film that has Nicolas Cage in it is, for me, a winner. In this film he’s joined by Elijah Wood as two useless cops who discover a safe that may contain everything they need to live out their wildest dreams of wealth. Only problem is, breaking into it and getting away with it may cost them everything.

Ultimately, it’s about what you’d expect really. There is some fine work from both solid performers, the film has a few twists and turns which are fun, and perhaps not entirely believable. The delight is in the incompetence of the two as cops and as human beings, and in the dynamic between them of the younger deferring to the older, and the older thinking he’s a lot cooler than he is.

Perhaps not the finest film you’ll see this year, and yet, it’s quite good fun, is playfully odd and works as a thriller quite well. I think the directing team is one to keep your eye on.

See it If: In films like this, watch it for the Cage performance. If you’re not a fan, avoid.


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